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Grow your astronomy education with our hands-on projects. Great for building STEM skills (Science Technology Engineering Math)

Our robotic telescope and camera systems capture pictures all night long for your astronomy projects.

Join us and explore the sky tonight:

  • Join us right from your home tonight, no travel required.
  • 12+ years of hands on projects with visitors.
  • Learn Astronomy by diving right in with live sessions.
  • Take turns controlling the telescope and camera
  • Do hands on astronomy projects in every session
  • Master new astronomy skills
  • Learn how to capture your own astronomy pictures
  • Explore and enhance every detail of your pictures
  • Each session has a different focus, discoveries to make, and wow surprises
  • Exciting way to learn all about astronomy, telescopes, CCD cameras, advanced digital astronomy, and more
  • Rich fun experience for all ages and all skill levels
Learn with hands on projects in every session:

Take control and learn along the way.

Learn by doing

Get hands on with every step of exploring the sky, tackling an astronomy project, picking your targets, reaching your goals.

Expect the unexpected, and learn how to deal with wild factors

Anything can and does happen with live astronomy.

Grow your skills with each progressive session

Challenge your growing knowledge with each project. Rack up many achievements as you conquer each topic.

Many topics for infinite variety

Moon - planets - nebula - color - galaxies - more

All sorts of topics to explore

Learn about the math and science behind the pretty pictures

Helix Nebula - an aging supernova explosion

Another poster about taking your own planet pictures

Many tools to use!


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