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Grow your astronomy education with our hands-on projects. Great for building STEM skills (Science Technology Engineering Math)

Our robotic telescope and camera systems capture pictures all night long for your astronomy projects.

Hands on digital Astronomy learning:

The telescope, camera, and computers at BPO deliver a wide range of hands on astronomy learning.  The more advanced activities you can do here are such that you would have to attend a college with a strong astronomy program to have similar experiences.

Classroom Learning Extensions

Poster of classroom photos from visits to BPO
BPO will come to your classroom and supplement your classroom studies on any astronomy subject you desire.  This will be tired to hands on activities and options such as digital images to supplement traditional textbooks and other approaches to learning astronomy.
Scouting Badge Activities

Girl Scouting     Boy Scouting
Girl Scouts Space Explorer and Girl Scout Sky Explorer Badges: Make a trip to BPO with your troop to help earn your try it Space Explorer badge or Junior equivelent.

Boy Scouts of America Astronomy Badge: BPO can help with many steps of the astronomy badge, and is perfect for Requirement 9 - choice 1, 2, or 5.   Click here to see the Boy Scouts of America Astronomy Badge Requirements
Laboratory Field Trips Come to the observatory with student teams or your whole class and get right to work with your choice of difficulty level of projects, including college level coursework.
Home Schooling Activity Use the telescope and capabilities of BPO to have your children explore astronomy without investing thousands of dollars in equipment yourself.  All aspects of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) come into play with astronomy projects here.
Science Fair Projects

Asteroid rotation project
All projects at BPO are perfect for forming the core of a Science Fair Project, with extensive materials and subjects to choose from.  Come have a blast doing your next science fair with one of our astro projects.
Remote Observing Programs

Telescope at BPO setup for remote robotic use
Rent time with BPO's telescope and cameras to conduct your own observing plans and target choices for all hours of operation.  Have your observing plans and images collected throughout the night by the robotic control systems at BPO.  Great for long term projects and enjoying advanced astrophotography without investing in tens of thousands of dollars of equipment yourself.


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