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Cape Elizabeth High School and Projects at BPO:


 Cape Elizabeth has put together 8 teams, most of them consisting of two students:

1) Lindsay Earnshaw, Laura Efron, Becky Longacre
    2) Caitlin McNally, Stephanie Reed, Karen Stamieszkin
    3) Emily Johnson, Katharina Hagmann
    4) Dan Gayer, Debra White
    5) Elisabeth Gayer, Melissa Yosua
    6) James Carrier, Andrew Clough
    7) Chris Cary, Scott Price
    8) Jon Belcher, Dov Markowitz

They have undertaken projects such as asteroid rotation measurement, and studies of the Andromeda Galaxy, Pleiades Star Cluster, and Horsehead Nebula area.

Look further down on this web page to see some sample pictures from their projects...

See the projects page and handouts page for more information on selecting and executing projects!

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Team 1 in action  Team 5 in action  Team 2 in action

Team 1's Horsehead Nebula Mosaic in action  Team 5's Andromeda Galaxy Mosaic in action  Team 2's Pleiades Mosaic in progress

Team 6 tracking Asteroid 38 Leda over a span of hours.  The asteroid is the only object not moving in the image.  Team 6 tracking Asteroid 16 Pysche over the span of hours.  Asteroid is the moving star like object

Team 4's shot of M42 Orion Nebula by stacking eight 10 second shots.  Team 7/8 taking a shot at the Black Eye Galaxy M64, composite of five 1 minute shots

Team 7/8's shot of M3 globular star cluster, nearly 45,000 stars lurk inside this ball of light.  One of Team 2's shots of a star in the Pleiades, along with some of the gas around the star (somewhat distorted by camera)

Team 5 captured a nice shot of a meteor or other object while capturing images of the Andromeda galaxy  Team 1's colorful shot of the Flame Nebula, near the Horsehead Nebula

Click here to visit Cape Elizabeth High School's website.

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