Eight Hour Photographic Astronomy Course:

Sample moon and multiple project poster

Sample supernova nebula poster


8 Hour Advanced Astronomy Course in Digital Photography:

Choose and customize an astronomy project to conduct here at Blueberry Pond Observatory.

Visit the observatory 3-4 times to conduct your project, learning both about astronomy and advanced modern digital photography in the process.

Capture and process many images of galaxies, nebulas, our moon, or the planets during your visits.

Combine your images and new knowledge into a spectacular poster to share your experiences with others!

Choose from many topics such as Galaxy Evolution, intricate Nebula Structures, Supernova Remnants, Tumbling Asteroids, our bombarded Moon, or the planets of our solar system such as Jupiter and Saturn.


Ideal for two people, but one person only is ok too.



Breakdown of typical visits during project:

(8 hours total)

Introductory Visit - Observe through the telescope with your eyes, take some quick digital photographs, and plan your future project. (about 2 hours total).

Advanced Image Capturing Sessions - Make two or so visits to the observatory to execute your astronomy project by capturing pictures to be used in your project. Print various pictures as you go along.  (about 4-5 hours total).

Final Processing - Combine your images and experiences into a poster sized layout to take home.  (about 1-2 hours total).



Please call the observatory at 207-688-4410 for more information on how this course works and to schedule appointments!



Blueberry Pond Observatory
355 Libby Road
Pownal, ME 04069

Phone 207-688-4410

Call for more information, or contact us by E-mail.

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